Club Penguin Cheats 22
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Holiday Party and Coins for Change Dec 16
Snow and Sports Catalog
Field Op
First you go to the EPF Headquarters.Then, you walk on the Field Op picture.This is what the picture will say.
When you walk in the Ticket Booth,your Spy Phone will turn green and when you press on the Spy Phone,you have to beat this thing!!!

Since there is a new Sports Catalog I will show you all of the new hidden items!{This will be on my site until the next Sports Catalog comes out!}
On the Cheerleader's beak you will get pom poms!
 On the blue cheerleader's beak you will get blue shoes.
On the cheerleader's foot you will get yellow shoes.
On the red cheerleader's flipper you can get red shoes.
New Penguin Style!!!!
Since there is a new Penguin Style,there are new hidden items.I will show you only the new hidden items!

                                         {This catalog will be kept on my site until the next Penguin Style comes out!}
For this week's Field Op,you have to go to the Plaza.Then,you go in the Ticket Booth of the Stage!!!

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Now that it is the 26th Field Op,if completed at least 25 weeks of Field Ops,you will get an Elite Protector Stamp!!!!

The first hidden item is on the "F" on the Coffee Shop!!The item is a Blue Fuzzy Hat!!
The next hidden item is on the blue lights on the Coffee Shop!!!The item is a Puffle Pullover!!!
The next hidden item is Yellow Toque and Black Whirpool Snowsuit!!!It is hidden on the Snow Fort where the middle of the Fort is!!!!
The next hidden item is on the yellow puffle on the bottom right corner of the catalog!!!The item is Candy-Cane Wing Warmers!!!
 The next item is hidden on the top of the tree!!!The item is Blue Earmuffs!!!!
The next item is hidden on the top of the other tree!!!!The item is a Blue Striped Scarf!!!
The next item is hidden on the tree at the top left of the screen!!!The item is Blue Mittens!!!
The next item is hidden on the middle of a tree!!!!The item is a Gingerbread Costume!!!
The next item is hidden at the peak of the mountain!!!The item is a Snowman Costume!!!
The last hidden item is hidden on the Blue Ornament on the Christmas Tree!!!The item is Snowboarding Boots!!!
Lastly,Is the Viking Helmet!!!I am going to make you figure this one out on your own!!!But,I will give you a hint!!!It is somewhere on this page of the catalog!!!
Christmas Party!!!
The Christmas Party has finally come to Club Penguin!!!